Re Discovered

Posted on: January 8, 2019

Tonight during my Puja and meditation, both which I have not done for too long, I found something I lost. Something I have missed so very much, without realising I missed it. A part of me that realises that all the fear and resistance I have that manifests in various ways, is really not my true nature, its  not who I am. Underneath this is my essence, and its beautiful. It is devoted to God and Humanity, and to being of service. It is devoted to the truth, to surrendering every ounce of ego identity and becoming one with my essence, which is a tiny droplet of the universal essence.  Due to this, I want very much to make my services accessible to all. So if you are suffering with financial hardship, or have a group of people, such as a support group, who you feel would benefit from Reiki, then I can offer a session for a donation that is affordable to you. Get in touch to discuss.