How Can We help

I am passionate about helping people achieve their potential, and in this find their inner peace. I am committed to empowering people. Reiki has been a part of the journey I have been on to find my sense of inner peace. It has helped me find a balance of my mental, emotional and physical self. It took me through a process of releasing habits and patterns that were not serving me, it raised my energy and vibration so I was able to experience a new level of self awareness and refection that has helped me in my life.  It introduced me to feeling a sense of gratitude for all my experiences, to see the good in even the painful ones.

I believe Reiki can help people on their self development and contribute to a journey to find the part of you that is beyond the pain, beyond the experience, and is a never changing well of peace and love that we can all connect to, and when we do it can help to have a ripple affect throughout our whole lives, and the lives of others. We are all one.